Karl Wienhold: Cheap Coffee

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Look behind the curtain of the global coffee trade.
The green coffee value chain is broken. Cheap Coffee provides a broad explanation of the economics, mechanics, and power structures that define the industry today. It is a readable and digestible synthesis of thousands of pages of academic literature and expert interviews from disciplines ranging from economics to anthropology and from environmental science to history. Change, restructuring, and conscientious participation from all stakeholders are needed if coffee farming is to be a viable livelihood for the next generation and part of the solution to the climate crisis that is upon us.

About the author 
Karl Wienhold is a researcher, consultant, and operator of post-colonial rural development, specifically the intersection between agrarian communities and the global economy, endeavoring to understand and undo extractive power structures in favor of equitable alternatives. His professional background is in management consulting, agriculture, and coffee trading. He is the founder of an organization that advocates for the empowerment of smallholder coffee farmers in Colombia, where he calls home.


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